Twisted Knit Stitch – Loom Knitting

This video by mikeymail gives you great instructions on how to use a twisted knit stitch. In the video it was noted that you can get the rectangular looms being used at your local big box. I checked  I did not find the long looms and the rectangular looms. I checked online but did not find them at the stores website either. I was able to find the long and rectangular looms at Amazon so I am including the link so that if want to buy looms you can buy the looms and follow along you can do so. You can buy your looms by following this link and have them next day if you choose,Knifty Knitter Long Loom Set .

Watch the video and learn if you don’t already know how to do the twisted knit stitch. I am watching and learning and putting the what I am learning to use. I’ll continue to search for and posting more good teaching loom knitting videos. Below is the twisted knit stitch video.

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