Loom Knit A Shawl On A Circle Loom

The video being presented today is the kind of video that I like. The video is short, precise and has good close-ups demonstrations. The video tutorial on how to make a shawl on a circle loom  is another one of the quality videos uploaded by mikeyssmail. In the video Mikey as always does a good job explaining what he is doing, why he is doing it, and includes tips to make what you are doing easier. If  you follow Mikey’s tips it will not take you long to have a completed shawl.

To make the shawl Mikey uses th largest loom from the Knifty Knitter set of looms. The yarn being used in the loom knitting video is a thick fluffy yarn.  Watch the video and get started on your shawl.

Note: A link is included at the end of the video for those who are unsure about how to cast off the shawl.


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