Change Yarn Colors In Loom Knitting Projects

Some of the best looking loom knitting projects I have seen and have completed have been those that added a little color to the project.  Adding color to a loom knitting project shows creativity and some personalization. The loom knitters I know are creative people so I thought adding a loom knitting video demonstrating how to add color to a project would be helpful for the creative knitters who have not yet figured out how to make the yarn color change.

I watched several videos looking for the best color change video and found this one uploaded to YouTube by mnobxs2 ( This is the first video I ran across by this uploader and I have not been able to catch the name of the person in the tutorial so if you do let me know so that I can give credit where credit is due.

The loom used in the video is the long loom because the project she is working on is a scarf but I use the same basic technique with the round loom for the hats I knit. The teacher gives you good close-ups of what she is doing and she does a really good job of walking you through with verbal instructions. I think the only missing from the video is a good look at the finished project.

Watch the video and learn how to add some color to your project.



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