Loom Knitting Profits

In my search to find loom knitting videos to share with other knitters that will help me and other knitters sharpen our knitting skills; I found the book, “The Secrets of Knitting For Profit – Your Step-by-Step Guide To Success”. I included a picture of the book below.
People have offered to pay me to knit one of my hats for them and I usally just ask for enough to pay for the yarn but this book really got me thinking about how to make a little money to help pay for the yarn I use to knit the hats I give away to charity. I give away most of my hats to the homeless through the mission work at my church. The mission team said that those who receive the hats really seem to appreciate the work I put into making the hats. Check out Knitting for Profit if you want your knitting hobby to pay for its self. You can  Click here to get the book or find out more about it and the author.

Knitting for Profit
Pay for your hobby

Well back to the hunt for loom knitting videos worth watching and sharing. Hope to find a good one to share.

Just read a comment from a reader who said he is outside the US and is looking for a place to buy looms so I am updating this post to include a link to buy looms. Maybe it is just someone spamming the site but anyway if you really don’t have looms you can click the link below to get some looms to get started with.


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