Loom Knitting Mittens The Easy Way

Today was evidence that hats, scarves, and ear warmers knitted on my loom were completed just in time. We went from the high 70’s just a couple a days ago to the 50’s today.

While searching for new good videos to teach me a little more about loom knitting I came across this two-part video on how to knit mittens using my circular looms. Mittens will be the perfect thing to round out a gift set. As I said before I like to start a project work on it for a couple of hours then be able to see the fruits of my work or at least be able to see the end nearing so when I watched this video and the teacher said it could be completed in a couple of hours by a beginner I new this was the video for me. I’ll need to get me some chunky yarn that matches some of the hats I have already completed from Amazon.com or Jo Anns.com and then I’ll get started. Maybe I’ll post a picture when I complete the mittens. Well enough talk. Here are the videos to show you how to easily knit mittens on a circular loom.



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