Loom Knitting Socks

One of the benefits to loom knitting is that it is a craft or hobby that produces a end result you can actually use. The video I have included here is one provides a project that fits this statement. With the colder weather learning to loom knit some warm comfortable socks is right on time. In the video a loom made for knitting socks is being used but you can also use your long loom to knit socks by adding a couple of clips. For anyone who may want to purchase and use the loom in the video I have included my Amazon link to the loom. Sock Loom and Loom Knitting tools on Amazon

The video gives you a choice of using the stockinette stitch which is probably one of the first stitches you learned or purl stitch. The video uses the stockinette stitch which gives you the nice smooth and stretchy finish. This stitch also tends to curl a bit so you will also get a nice look when your socks are completed. The instructor in the video does a good job with this loom knitting video. She gives you some good close up shots of the work as it is being done and takes the time to really explain what she is doing.

If you want more tips to knitting socks you may want to go back and visit the video posted a few weeks ago. http://www.loomknittingvideos.com/2011/10/good-tip-found-in-how-to-knit-socks-video/

Check out the videos and help keep your feet nice and warm with a nice new pair of loom knitted socks.
VIDEO 1 Stitches

VIDEO 2 Heel and Toe part 1

Video 3 Heel and Toe part 2

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