Loom Knitting The Little Bow Stitch

This is a loom knitting video you will want to see. When you want to dress up your loom knitting project you look for stitches that will show you put some work and thought into it. The little bow stitch is one of those stitches and Isela Phelps has the loom knitting video to teach you how to add that special touch to your project. Giving credit where credit is due the video was uploaded under the name PurlingSprite.

The video is well shot having good close-ups, good audio and good instructions on how to make the bow stitch. Examples of the finished project are shown at the end of the video. Isela shows you what the finished project will look like using both the knit stitch and the single stitch e-wrap.

Watch the video and add a little style to your project.


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