Loom Knit A Laptop Table Saver

I find loom knitting enjoyable and relaxing. It is something I can do when I come in from work and want to relax but be productive during my relaxation while watching my favorite shows. This video I found by Mikeyssmail is a good video to watch if you want to learn how to make good use of your time and relax at the same time.

If most of you are like me you have gotten rid of your old bulky desktop computers and are now using a laptop or a tablet as your primary tool to surf the internet to find your next loom knitting project. Well in this video Mikey shows you how to use a long loom to make a laptop  table saver to put your laptop or tablet on while watching your favorite loom knitting videos. The good thing about this loom knitting video is that you can use the same pattern and call it a table place mat if you want to. What ever you want to call it it will do the same job of providing you with a loom knitting project that is creative and is useful in keeping your table from becoming damaged.

Just like all of Mikey’s videos it is a well done video that gives you plenty of good closeups and clear instructions. Take a look at this loom knitting project tutorial you can put to use while you relax.


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