Loom Knitting A Scarf Using The Purl Stitch

Make your loom knitted scarf stand out by adding the purl stitch to the standard e-wrap stitch. Most loom knitters will at some point get around to knitting a scarf on their loom. The stitch most new loom knitters  commonly use to knit their  first scarf is the e-wrap stitch. Using the e-wrap stitch  on the loom makes a really nice scarf but the scarf looks like all the others scarfs loom knitted. The video posted by XTREMEGTO shows you how to make your scarf stand out by combining the purl stitch with the e-wrap stitch to get a loom knitted scarf that shows you have a creative and stylish side to you.

In the video the round blue niftty knitter type loom you can pick up at  Amazon is used. He gives you two different patterns to use to get a unique look. In the first pattern he uses 10 rows of e-wrap then 5 rows of the purl stitch followed by 10 rows of e-wrap and another 5 of purl. To get a tighter look he loom knits 5 e-wrap then 5 purl. In the video uploaded by xtremego you get a look at both styles of scarves. This loom knitting video does not go into how to do the purl stitch or the how to of the e-wrap but you can find how to videos on both on loomknittingvideos.com.

The video itself is well done and time is taken to give you clear instructions of what is being done accompanied by good close-ups of  the stitches as they are being done. Nice shots of what the completed loom knitted scarf are also included. Take a look at the video and put to uses the creativity shared in the video.

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