How To Cast On In Loom Knitting

I have gotten several requests to include more videos demonstrating how to cast on so I looked for videos that did a good job showing the new to loom knitting how do the basic cast on. The two loom knitting videos I am including today  are very basic and straight forward loom knitting tutorials on how to cast on using a long loom Both videos give the viewer good shots of what the knitter is doing. The first video uploaded to youtube under the name heatherschulte  is better because audio is included in the loom knitting cast on demonstration. By including the audio heather is able to give the loom knitter tips as she goes along. The second casting on video uploaded under the name BAHinson1 shows you how to cast on when you are double knitting on a long loom. I think both videos offer good demonstrations of how to cast on when loom knitting. Watch the videos to learn one of the basic first steps of loom knitting.


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