Loom Knit An Easy Blanket

Loom knitting a blanket is a project most loom knitters eventually want to learn to do. If you are looking for a good loom knitting video showing you how to make knitting a blanket using a loom easy then this video by Galligsgirl (Virgina Galligan) is a good video to learn from. The video is good for both those new to loom knitting and also those with a little more experience.  Virgina’s videos are usually a little longer than the standard loom knitting tutorial and almost always includes at least one good tip that can be used by new or pro knitters. The video is full of detail from the type of yarn used to how to switch colors when loom knitting your blanket.

In the video she is using the simple and standard  e-wrap. Most knitters know that the e-wrap will allow your project to do some curling but as Virginia makes the point some of this curling will diminish with washing and stretching. She also gives the knitter some other stitches you can use to eliminate the curling. In the tutorial only one strand of yarn is used but you will want to use at least two strands or at least a good weight yarn to get a thicker blanket. The blanket in the loom knitting tutorial is done with several colors so you also are shown how to change colors in your loom knitting project.

The video is a good video to watch even if you are not trying to use your looms to knit a blanket because of the tips and details you pick up while watching Virginia’s videos. Check out some of her other videos at Simply Intertwined.

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