Loom Knitting A Hooded Scarf

Looking for a new twist to the loom knitted scarf? Virginia Galligan of Simply Intertwined shows you how to get a little more creative with your loom knitting in this video by showing you how she uses her loom knitting skills and creativity to knit a hooded scarf.

The video itself is a longer than I usally view but I watched it and included it here because it is good for those who like a lot of detailed instruction to help them along when learning a new loom knitting stitch or project.loom knitted hooded scarf You get all the details in one video without having to wait for a part 2. The video does include a lot of detail and it will give you shots of what Virginia is doing as she is doing it but at times the work she is doing will go off screen but a loom knitter with any knitting experience will be able to keep up with what she is doing.  This scarf  loom knitting video will help both the new knitter and the pro knitter. The video is packed with all the information you need from the looms to use to the yarn being used in the video. You are given the pattern being used, the stitches used and even shown the increases and decreases being used.  As I said it is packed with details which makes it long but good.  Take some time to watch the video and if you get a chance visit Virginia’s facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SimplyIntertwinedEst.2011

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