Loom Knitting the Weave Cast On and Stitch

Unfortunately the video by Diana is no longer available but if you are looking for a cast on that will give you a clean edge and tight stitches this video by Denise Canela of LoomaHat.com will give you what you are looking for.

I am always on the look out for new and informative loom knitting videos to share with loom knitters. The video posted by Diana Suardia on how to knit the Weave Cast on and stitch fits the bill. Diana has posted 3 other videos as well and all are well done. You can find her other videos on youtube uploaded under the name dianasuradia.

In this video she shares with the loom knitting community a stitch she first learned from a teacher in 1983 using a round loom. I have not found a video demonstrating this loom knitting stitch elsewhere on the internet.  A point made in the video is that using this method and stitch  versus using the simple e wrap stitch is that you eliminate the gap that you get running along the length  of your stitch work.loom knitted weave cast on stitch You also seem to get a good tight stitch that looks really good on your finished project whether it is a loom knitted hat or a scarf you knitted on your loom. The weave cast on and stitch demonstrated in the loom knitting tutorial by Diana is really easy and makes getting a good warm hat or scarf a snap because of  the double thickness you get from using her loom knitting pattern and method in your loom knitting project.

As with the other loom knitting videos uploaded by Diana this video is shot well giving the viewer good close-ups, very good lighting, and clearly spoken instructions. You also get a good look at what the knitting looks like when you get well into your loom knitting project.

Watch the video and I think you will find that this 8 minute video will be well worth you time whether you are new to loom knitting or a pro knitter.

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