Loom Knit A Neck Warmer Using A Round Loom

Loom knitting a neck warmer on a round loom is not hard to do. Watching the loom knitting video tutorial uploaded by Lisa Clarke of Polka Dot Cottage Video Blog you will see just how easy it is. Even if you are not ready to use your loom to knit a neck warmer this is a good video to watch because of what you can learn and use in other loom knitting projects.

Lisa does a really good job of walking the knitter through all the steps of knitting the neck warmer on a round loom from showing you the tools you will use to the first step of  making a slip knot and casting on to the last step of knitting the i cord to add the button. This loom knitting video is packed full of tips and demonstrations beginner loom knitters as well as advanced knitters can use. Knitting with a loom topics covered and demonstrated include casting on, e-wrap, knit stitch, slip stitch, i-cord, and the bind off on a round loom.  She also explains the pattern being used. As I said before the loom knitting video is full of information so I may have missed some of the topics covered. It really is a good loom knitting video tutorial you can follow along from the first step to the last step something you don’t get very often in such detail. Watch the video then check out her blog Polka Dot Cottage Video Blog at lisaclark.net


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