Loom Knitting Quick Project – Bath Puffy Scrubby

Always on the look out for good quality loom knitting video tutorials that show how to make quick loom knitting projects I ran across this video showing you how to use your loom knitting looms to make a bath puffy or as some call it a bath scrubby. The instructor in the video is Diana Suardia. Diana has several loom knitting video uploads under the uploader name dianasuardia.

This video like her others is through giving the viewer lots of instruction and tips that will help you with not only this quick loom knitting project of knitting a bath puffy but also general tips you can use in other loom knitting projects. As always her videos give the viewer good close-ups of each  step she is doing along with constant explanations of what she is doing.

Dianna takes a needle knit pattern and converts it to a bath puffy pattern you can use with your small round loom. She uses some  left over round baby yarn that she had to make the bath puffy but I have seen the ribbon type yarn used in other loom knitting videos to make what is also sometimes referred to as a bath scrubby.  Dianna suggests you use a thinner weight yarn so that drying will not become a problem. In the video you are taken through step by step beginning with a demonstration of how to make the slip knot and how to cast on.  You are also shown how your project should look at each step along the way.

The basic e-wrap stitch is used for the entire project except for the bind off or cast off which is also demonstrated. In the loom knitting video you are also shown how to make an icord using the clover wonder knitter. She is using the Icord to attach to the bath scrubby as a handle. If you don’t have a clover wonder you can order one from Amazon.com for less than $9 using this link (Clover Wonder Knitter ) or you can pick one up at your local craft store.

Take a look at the video and learn a loom knitting project you can complete in an hour or less.


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