Choosing The Right Yarn For Loom Knitting Projects

Knowing the right yarn to use when you begin a loom knitting project can make all the difference in how your knitting project turns out. You can use just about any type of material to knit with but choosing the right yarn can make your loom knitting project look fantastic and depending on whether you are knitting a pair of socks, a blanket, a hat, a shawl, decorative flowers, or a bath scrubby feel better or last longer.

The video i am including today will teach you how to select the right yarn to fit your loom knitting project. In the video written by Lucy Bennet and found on you will learn about

  • yarn shapes and sizes
  • Yarn material
  • Yarn color
  • Yarn weight or thickness
  • Yarn after care

In the video you will see knitting needles used but the information is the same for knitting with looms. Watch the short video to learn about choosing the right knitting yarn for your project.

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