Loom Knit The Chain Lace Stitch

Loom knitters now have a new stitch to use on their knitting loom. The new loom knitting stitch is called the Chain Lace Stitch. This new knitting stitch demonstrated in the loom knitting video tutorial included in this review of loom knitting videos was created by Bethany Dailey who uses the upload name GettinItPegged. The loom she is using in the video is the new  All-n-One Loom which you can find under the heading Amazon Knitting Supplies to the right of this review.

Knitters at every level can gain some knitting knowledge from the video although knitters with some knowledge of other loom knitting stitches may find it easiest to catch on to what is being demonstrated in the video tutorial of the chain lace stitch. The video doesnt start with the cast on but beginners can pick this up from other videos found on LoomKnittingVideos.com . Bethany uses multiple knitting stitches to create the actual chain lace stitch. The combinations she uses creates large open squares surrounded by knitted chain which really looks good when completed. As was stated earlier everyone can get something from this video. You can see the e-wrap being used and learn terms such as yarn over, knit off,  purl stitch, half hitch, garter stitch, and many more. Experienced loom knitters may already know many of the terms used in the knitting tutorial but still will pick up some knitting tips and will learn a new knitting stitch.

As far as the production of the video it is well shot giving you good close-ups of what is being done. The instructions are clear, very deliberate and easy to follow. It a good 15 minute video kept to what you need to know to create the chain lace stitch.  Watch the video to learn a new stitch you can do on your knitting loom to create fantastic looking projects. You can find more of Bethany at GettinItPegged.com

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