Warm Weather Loom Knitting Project

The video tutorial included here is a loom knitting project you can do and use year round regardless of whether the weather outside is cold or hot or somewhere in between. The loom knitting video shows you how to make a knitted case for your cell phone. Giving credit where credit is due the video was created and uploaded by MusicSlave316.

As I have said before I like to add loom knitting videos to this site that give loom knitters good tips and teaches something new or creative. This video fits the bill. The loom knitted cell phone project is a quick project that you can complete in about an hour and a half. It doesn’t take a lot of yarn and can usually be completed with leftover yarn you have lying around. You will also need touse the 12 peg round loom a knitting needle and a crochet hook.

The main stitch used in the project is the standard e wrap stitch. In the video you are shown how to cast on , how to make the flap for the case then how to make the body of the case. The video takes you from beginning to end demonstrating each step in detail of how to loom knit your cell phone case.  The knitting work being done sometimes goes out of frame and is not lit very well but overall the video is a good tutorial of how to complete a fast and easy knitting project. The instructor takes her time and explains what she is doing and tries to give you a good demonstration.

If you need a quick and easy loom knitting project that is useful all year round then watch this loom knitting video.

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