Easily Loom Knit A Pair Of Simple Slippers

Here is another loom knitting project you can use as either a winter knitting project or a summer loom knitting project. Slippers can be used year round and this video uploaded under the name sophiaburns will as she says show you how to use a loom to knit the simplest slippers in a short amount of time. It is an easy and useful loom knitting project.

The video tutorial put together by Sophia Burns is well done. She take you through each step of the process of loom knitting your slippers beginning with making your slip knot and casting on using the e-wrap. She moves on through the knitting until she gets to casting off using the gathered method and then finishing up with sewing up the heel to complete the project. Each step of the way you are given good clear verbal instructions backed up by good clear close-ups of the knitting she is doing. The video is light-hearted and very instructive at the same time making it very easy to watch and learn from.

Take a look at the video and begin a fun and easy loom knitting project

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