Loom Knitting The Stockinette Stitch – Long Looms

Learn to knit the stockinette stitch using long looms. The tutorial being reviewed here is a good video to learn how to use your long looms to knit the stockinette stitch. The video tutorial uploaded to YouTube by caringcaps does a good job of giving the viewer good verbal instructions along with on-screen instructions and tips to make your loom knitting easier. You are taken from casting on to casting off with good tips all the way through. The video is not project specific it is more strictly a loom knitting tutorial to teach you how to use your long loom to knit the stockinette stitch.  The tutorial teaches you the stitch and leaves it up to you how to put the stitch to use.  Check it out and put your imagination to use on how you can use the stockinette stitch.

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