Loom Knit Braided Cable Pattern

Loom knitters looking for a loom knitting pattern to add pizzaz to a project should watch this Braided Cable pattern tutorial uploaded by Samantha of Once Upon A Loom. You can find other good cable stitch videos here but you will find a few tips in this one to make your knitting easierThe first two minuets and fifty seconds of tutorial gives you a lot of background to how and why she began using the braided cable stitch pattern.  After the 2:50 mark is when the video really begins to get into the details of how to use your loom to knit the braided cable stitch. The actual pattern she is using is the Snow Day Cable Beanie pattern you can find on her Once Upon A Loom Site. You will find a link to her site Once Upon A Loom on the Loom Knitting Resources page of LoomKnittingVideos.com.

She begins the tutorial portion of the video with a project already in progress so you don’t get to see the bind on but you do get an explanation of the tools you can use to make your loom knitting easier. Besides the tools you are shown you will get tips throughout the video that will make your loom knitting easier. The video also provides you with nice detailed close-ups of the knitting Samantha is doing as she knits.  Another good quality to the video is the verbal instruction provided. You get well spoken and concise instructions to compliment the good video shots. The video is a good tool loom knitters with just a little loom knitting experience can use to learn the braided cable stitch.  

Take a look at the video and If you like the video tutorial style of Samantha you can find at least 22 more of Samantha videos posted to YouTube under the name SweetheartCozy.


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