Loom Knitting Sock Tutorial and Pattern

Loom Knitting socks and slippers are easy when you have a good pattern and video tutorial to follow. This loom knitting video tutorial submitted by Pam a.k.a. The Looming Idiot of the sock design by Mei Lynne Travis fits the bill. The blue Knifty Knitter round loom is the loom you would use although Pam uses her store brand loom in the video. The 47 minute knitting tutorial is choked full good tips, instructions, and close-ups of the loom knitting being done. Pam’s video takes you from the cast on to the completed socks. She also includes the link to the pattern used in the video in the opening credits of the video so that you can use the pattern to knit your slipper socks. Take a look at the video to make your loom knitting slipper sock project a breeze to complete.

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