Loom Knit An Earwarmer

Learning to loom knit an earwarmer is the perfect loom knitting project if you are in an area of the country getting all the snow and cold weather. This video by Lisa Clarke of Polka Dot Creations (Polka Dot Cottage) is the perfect video to learn to knit an earwarmer. This video will give you clear and easy to follow instructions supported by fantastic on-screen instructions that will allow you to stop the video tutorial and digest what you just saw and heard if you want to follow along on your loom with the video. Lisa gives you a free loom pattern she translated from a pattern designed to be used to needle knit an ear warmer.  The translated pattern is a 2 row 14 stitch pattern that uses the e-wrap cast on, garter stitch, knit stitch, and the purl stitch.

As I said previously this is a fantastic video to learn by. It is well shot, well documented, and well spoken. Lisa begins by showing you all the tools you will need to complete the loom knitting project and then takes you from the cast on to the bind off. She breaks the tutorial down into these easy to follow sections:

  • Casting on using the e-wrap
  • The knit stitch
  • The purl stitch
  • Working the pattern
  • Binding off
  • Comparing the needle knitted headband or earwarmer to the loom knitted headband/earwarmer.

If your lucky enough to be in a warm weather area use this loom knitting video tutorial to put your loom to use knitting an earwarmer to send to a friend or family member not as lucky as you are to let them know you are thinking about them.

By the way if you want to learn to translate your own needle knit patterns into loom knitting patterns I have included a link to Polka Dot Cottage where Lisa gives you a lesson on how to translate knitting patterns in the Loom Knitting Resources sections of LoomKnittingVideos .com

Stay Warm


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