Loom Knit An Easy Dew Drop Shawl

Learning to loom knit is easy when you have good instructions and a good teacher is something I said before and this statement is certainly fits this loom knitting tutorial by Kristen Mangus of Good Knit Kisses .com. Loom knitters know that when they see the name Kristen Mangus associated with loom knitting tutorials the time spent watching her videos or visiting her site GoodKnitKisses.com is well worth the time.

The video is standard Mangus high quality video, well shot, well documented, and easy to follow verbal instructions. In the tutorial you are taken from the bind on to the bind off with plenty of good tips for both new and pro knitters in between. The loom used in the video is the All In One Wonder Loom which you can find at Amazon using this link  KB All in One Loom 18″ Knitting Board + Round + Sock Adjustable NEW (affilate link).  If after watching the video you decide you want to try loom knitting the shawl yourself  Kristen gives you the pattern for the shawl at the following link.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtnSCz4BNyc . There you will also find links to her loom knitting blogs and pattern.


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