How To Loom Knit A Pumpkin Hat

Just in time for the holidays you can learn how to loom knit the perfect hat for the season by following along with this loom knitting video tutorial taught by Bethany Dailey of In this loom knitting video Bethany takes you from beginning to end of how to loom knit a pumpkin hat. She gets you set up giving you everything you need to complete your loom knitting project. She tells you that she is using the Martha Stewart loom but also shows you which Knifty Knitter loom to use. For those not familiar with using crochet needles you will also get a lesson of how to use the knitting needles to complete your hat.

At 1:03:33 the video is a little longer than most you will find on but it is well worth the taking to time to watch and learn from. The video is very well shot with excellent close-ups and my favorite to see in loom knitting tutorials, lots of on-screen instructions. Having the on-screen knitting instructions allows you to pause the video to test out the loom knitting instructions you are being taught without backing up the video. To go along with the great filming and the on-screen instructions you will find Bethany’s spoken presentation is clear and easy to follow. Another benefit of the good close-ups is you will get to see in detail how each of the loom knitting stitches are done which is good for both the beginner and the pro.
You will learn a lot from this loom knitting tutorial so take a look at it and get your creative juices flowing to loom knit the perfect hat for holidays. My picture of the completed project doesn’t do the finished project justice. Watch the video to see how good the loom knitted pumpkin hat really looks
For those of you who need to buy a loom set I’ll include affiliated links to the looms at Wal-Mart and Amazon below the video.

Knifty Knitter looms
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Martha Stewart Looms
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Martha Stewart Looms – Wal-Mart

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