Loom Knit A Hat In 30 Min With The Addi

You can loom knit a ready to wear hat in under 30 minutes using the Addi knitting machine. This loom knitting video made and presented by Karin Skacel was added to Loom Knitting Videos to give the loom knitters who have added the Addi knitting machine as another option to help them create some beautiful loom knitted projects a good source for tips on how to use the Addi .

In the video Karin covers how to cast on, knitting in the round, switching colors and how to bind off. The video is very thorough and is packed with good tips on how to use the Addi.

The Addi is not a replacement for your good old fashion hand looms just as the hand looms are not a replacement for knitting needles and yarn but it is another good tool knitters can add to their knitters tool box to create loom knitted wonders. The Addi is a great option for those who love knitting but because of some physical difficulty find using hand looms or needles and yarn more difficult to now.

For those who don’t already have the machine but want one,  you can usually find or order one at your local craft store or if you like you can get one at Amazon.com through this link addi Express Original Knitting Machine Kit includes 22 needles (affiliated). The machine Karin is using is the King version of the Addi.

If you find this video useful you can find more of Karin’s videos on YouTube under the name SkacelKnitting.

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