Learn To Loom Knit The New Rainfall Stitch

This loom knitting video by Theresa Higby teaches you how to loom knit the new stitch she created and named the Rainfall Stitch.As you can see the stitch really produces a beautiful stitch you can use in your loom knitting projects in which flat panels are used. The best thing about the new loom knitting stitch is that you if you are even at the novice level you already know the loom knitting techniques used to create the rainfall stitch such as the e-wrap, purl, and drop stitch to name a few. It is a really easy stitch to learn.

I just discovered Theresa’s videos and found them to among some of the best loom knitting tutorials on the net.  They are very creative, well shot, very descriptive, and well spoken. This video is not for the person looking for a finished product but for the creative person who can take the new loom knitting stitch and use their own imagination to create fantastic looking projects.

Learn the new loom knitting stitch and put it use in your own projects.

Taking a sidebar here, if you need a laugh for the day turn on the closed caption to see how YouTube translates the audio. Not so accurate but good for a laugh. About like the speech to text on the older phones.


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