Learn To Loom Knit The Crown Stitch

In this two-part loom knitting video Purling Sprite will teach you how to use your loom to knit the crown stitch. If you are familiar with the loom knitting videos submitted to YouTube by Purling Sprite then you know that this loom knitting series is one that will make it easy to learn the crown stitch. Along with giving you the loom knitting pattern you will also get  great on-screen instructions coupled with a video giving you good shots of the knitting that is being done and clear verbal instructions. One thing I do think could improve the video further is more close-ups of the stitches in progress.

To make it easy to complete your loom knitting lesson I have included both part one and two of the videos in this one post along with the printed knitting pattern you will follow. You will also find the pattern in the on-screen instructions.

Part 1

Part 2

Here is the printed instructions/pattern:

Crown stitch
(Multiple of 5 stitches)

Row 1: k
Row 2: p
Row 3: k
Row 4: p
Row 5: k1, *k1, ewrap peg 3 times; rep from * to the peg before last, k1

Row 6: *Work on 5 pegs at a time, drop the loops on the first 5 pegs (one the pegs that have extra wraps, peg 1 and last peg only have 1 loop on it). Elongate these wraps. Move all the wraps to peg 1, then from peg 1 to peg 2. Elongate the wraps over 4 pegs. You will now work and create 5 stitches on these elongated wraps as follows: k1, [p1, k1]twice; rep from * to the end.

Row 7: knit
Row 8: purl.

Rep these 8 rows

Watch the videos and learn the crown stitch.


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