Beginners Loom Knit A Hat Video


This is one of the two must see beginners loom knitting videos. This loom knitting tutorial presented by Sarah Wolfe (View Sarah’s tutorial HERE) along with the video by Tuteate (see the Tuteate video here) are truly two of the most detailed loom knitting videos for beginners I have seen presented anywhere on the web.  You can view the video HERE . Beginning loom knitters will get an excellent foundation from which to build their loom knitting skills by following along with either loom knitting video. Although I am not yet an expert I have passed the beginners stage but I watched both videos all the way through as a loom knitting refresher.

The Tuteate video is made so that even a person picking up a loom for the first time will be able to follow along and easily loom knit their first hat.

What you will learn in the Tuteate video is as follows:

  • – How to start your hat (how to cast on stitches on the loom)
  • – How to knit your hat (how to work e-wrap knit stitches)
  • – How to fold and make the brim of the hat directly on the loom
  • – How to take your work out of the loom and close the hat (how to bind off)

You probably won’t get stuck on any step because the video is so well made but if you do get stuck at some point you can jump over to to get your question answered. Even if you don’t have questions head on over to the Tuteate site to show how much you appreciate the loom knitting tutorial.

In the Loomahat loom knitting video Denise will teach you how to do the following:

  • How to pick the right size loom.
  • How to loom a basic hat with a folded brim.
  • How to knit using two strands of yarn to avoid getting holes in your hat.
  • How to change or add colors while you are loom knitting.

Some of the other things you get from this loom knitting video is a quick lesson on how to select yarn and some yarn terms. As I said before this is one of the most detailed and truly useful loom knitting videos for beginners I have found. The video has most of the hallmarks you find in the best loom knitting videos such as excellent video quality, well spoken verbal instructions, good explanations of knitting terms, demonstrations of the loom knitting stitches, and good close-ups of the work being done. The reason I said most and not all the hallmarks of a good loom knitting tutorial is because I am a big fan of on on-screen instructions but really that is the only thing I found missing.  I say if you are a beginning loom knitter or need a refresher you can get all you need from these loom knitting videos. Watch both and learn to loom knit your first hat.


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