Loom Knit The Celtic Knot Pattern

In this new loom knitting video LoomaHat.com and gives you a new and free pattern you can add to your loom knitting skills. The new loom knit stitch and loom knit pattern you will learn is called the Celtic Knot. This is an original loom knit stitch created by LoomaHat.com. The stitch is a really easy stitch that can be easily replicated by a knitter new to loom knitting or an experienced loom knitter. Loom Knit Celtic KnotIt is created using three stitches most loom knitters are very familiar with. The three stitches used to create the Celtic Knot stitch and pattern are the knit stitch, rib stitch, and the purl stitch. These loom knitting stitches are used in the six rows that makes up the Celtic knot pattern. In the first two rows the knit stitch or flat stitch is used, in row three the purl stitch is used, row four is made up of the rib stitch, row five is the purl stitch again and the sixth and last row is made up of the knit stitch.

As with all the loom knitting videos of LoomaHat.com it is easy to follow along with. The verbal instructions are excellent and are backed up with good close-ups of the loom knitting being done. You are given the free loom knitting pattern on-screen as well as verbally. The one thing that makes this loom knitting pattern as easy for the beginner loom knitter as the seasoned loom knitter is that the instructor takes the time to explain how to do each loom knit stitch as she does the stitch.

Check out the LoomaHat.com video to add an easy to make free loom knitting pattern to you list of loom knitting skills.

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