Loom Knit The Crocodile Stitch

The crocodile loom knitting stitch will be easy for more experienced loom knitters but will take a little more patience for beginners. The stitch is  demonstrated in this loom knitting video by Scarlett Royal. In this video tutorial Scarlett doesn’t start with the cast on as she does in most of her loom knitting videos this may be due to the fact she is expecting those attempting this stitch to have some experience with loom knitting. You do get the same quality shots of the work being done along with step by step on-screen instructions and of course the well spoken verbal instructions you come to expect in a Scarlett Royal loom knitting video.  Loom Knit the crocodile stitch

In this loom knitting video she is using the flower loom to teach you how to do this loom knitting stitch. Scarlett shows you how to knit three different edges in you loom knitted crocodile stitch. She will show you how to knit the round edge, the triangle edge, and the rectangle edge.

Watch the video and add a new stitch to your loom knitting tool chest.

If you want to get the written instructions visit Scarlett’s blog here: Free Loom Knitting pattern and Written instructions . Here she will also answer any questions about you may have about the stitch.

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