How To Make A Loom And Loom Knit A Hat And Scarf

When you say how to loom knit a hat step by step from beginning to end this loom knitting video really fits the bill. This DIY loom knitting video by Sara of  the YouTube channel SaraBeautyCorner is so step by step that it shows you how to make your own loom.DIY Loom

The video begins with about a 2 minute creative story about Sara but if you want to jump right into the meat of the video and how to make your loom and hat you can skip ahead to about the 2:23 mark for the what I call the hat intro and to the 2:42 mark. The scarf video is the second of the two loom knitting videos.

You can tell Sara is very creative and has put a lot of work into her loom knitting video tutorials and has fun doing them. She gives you plenty of good close-ups of the knitting being done along with her clear verbal instructions. For some beginning loom knitters she may go a little too fast but the good thing about video is you can always stop the video or back it up. You don’t learn a lot of loom knitting terms in this video but there a plenty of videos on that are more technical and will teach you loom knitting terms you will want to know. One thing that you do get from this video is how to change colors while loom knitting which is skill you will want to use in other loom knitting projects. I am sure you will be able to follow along with both videos to create your beautiful scarf and hat set.

Watch both loom knitting videos and let us know what you think about Sara’s videos.

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