Easy Loom Knitted Boot Cuffs

Learn the easy way to loom knit boot cuffs with your round looms in this video from Denise of LoomAHat.com. In this video Denise provides fantastic step by step and very detailed instructions on how to loom knit these boot cuffs that will add some extra flare to your favorite boots. The step by step loom knitting instructions and easy two stitch pattern make this a great loom knitting tutorial for beginners.

In this loom knitting video Denise shows you how to loom knit the U-Wrap , e-Wrap stitch and the purl stitch to make your boot cuffs. A couple of other things you will learn in the tutorial is the basic bind-off and how to fix those pesky loose loops you get some times. She also takes the time to explain a little bit which yarn to use and why. As I said before it is a very detailed loom knitting video. But don’t worry it is broken down in small step by step sections with good documentation which helps the beginner loom knitter learn skills and loom knitting knowledge that can be used in other loom knitting projects.

In the video you get clear verbal instructions backed up by on-screen instructions, good clear close-ups, and the loom knitting pattern on-screen. For those that would like to see the written loom knitting pattern you can find it at http://www.loomahat.com/loom-knit-boot-cuffs/.

Although this video is made so that a loom knitter at any level can follow along I think experienced loom knitters will also find this loom knitting project a fun and worth while  project to loom knit. Try it and let me know what you think about this loom knitting pattern and video.

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