Get A Neater Finish With A Loom Knit Chain Cast On and Chain Bind Off

In this review post you will find some of the best videos on the web teaching you how to loom knit the chain cast on. Using this you will find that your finished projects will look much nicer. As I find more videos that do a fantastic job demonstrating this cast on I will add them.

The Chain 1 Bind Off by Leisure Arts Inc

For loom knitting projects you want to get a smoother, neater and more professional finish to you need to watch these loom knitting videos on how to do the chain cast on and the chain 1 bind off. Once you see the difference in how your finished loom knitted project looks and how easy it is to do you will get hooked on using the chain cast on for your loom knitting projects.

Try the chain cast on and let all the fellow loom knitters out here whether or not you agree that the chain cast on takes your loom knitted projects  to the next level.

Tip: I know you are used to loom knitting from the front of the loom but be sure you do the cast on from the back or inside of the loom. It will make a difference in the finish.

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