How To Loom Knit A 10 Stitch Blanket

Learning how to loom knit a blanket will be a useful skill to have with really cold weather already here for some and fast approaching for others. To help with this I am posting some of the best loom knitting videos I have found so far on how to loom knit the popular 10 stitch blanket using the pattern of Frankie Brown.

The pattern is an easy to follow pattern using only 10 pegs of your loom and the garter stitch which consists of an e-wrap on the first row then a purl stitch on the second row and back to the e-wrap on the third row. You can get the story behind Frankie Brown and this pattern by following this link

The first loom knitting video teaching you how loom knit a 10 stitch blanket is by Amanda Pratt. This video is a fast-moving video that may be better suited for a loom knitter with a little experience. A beginner can learn from this video but may want to watch these loom knitting videos first: How to E-wrap cast on-…
How to E-wrap –…
How to Purl Stitch –…
How to Cast off –

The second video is a Charity Windham loom knitting video. This video may be the original conversion video from the needle knit pattern. this video too assumes the loom knitter has some experience knitting with a loom.

Both videos do a decent job with the visuals and verbal instructions. Looking through the comments on the video’s YouTube pages it seems that a few people needed more visuals and had a few questions. If you find yourself needing some more guidance both Charity and Amanda seem to be good about answering your questions. The best way to get those questions answered would be to visit their YouTube pages.

Charity’s page

Amanda’s page



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