Learn To Loom Knit The Linen Stitch

In this loom knitting video you can learn to loom knit the Linen Stitch. This is another great loom knitting tutorial made by Denise of LoomAHat.com. The video is short, detailed, and gets to the point. In this loom knitting video Denise covers  the eWrap Knit Stitch and Slip 1 wyif (with yarn in front) in teaching you the linen stitch.

She gives you the pattern on-screen and provides you with good clear instructions and great shots of the loom knitting as she is knitting.

The linen stitch is made up four rows. To see what each row consists of go to the 3:30 mark of the video. Denise takes you through each row in detail.

Watch this loom knitting video to add a new fashionable stitch to you loom knitting skills.


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