Must See Loom Knitting Videos For Beginning Loom Knitters and Those Needing a Refresher.

Want to learn to loom knit or just need a loom knitting refresher? This series of loom knitting videos by Vintage Storehouse & Company  is truly a must see series of loom knitting tutorials for beginning loom knitter wanting to get a good foundation to build their loom knitting skills on. Even if you are not new to loom knitting you will pick up something that will help you when loom knitting.

Vintage Storehouse and Company titles the series of 12 loom knitting videos “Loom Knitting 101” and covers all the basics the beginning loom knitter needs know to be successful at creating good looking loom knitted projects. The videos set the loom knitting foundation with the terms loom knitters need to know then builds on that foundation with the basic tools and stitches used in loom knitting projects.

Here are the videos:

The basic loom knitting terms

The E-wrap Cast on

The Knit Stitch


The twisted knit stitch

The purl stitch

The twisted purl stitch

How to turn your work

The slipped stitch

The garter stitch

The stockinette stitch

The basics of knitting cables

The transfer bind off

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