Learn To Loom Knit The Farrow Rib Stitch

For those looking to add a new loom knitting stitch to their loom knitting skills this loom knitting video on how to use your loom to knit the Farrow stitch by Denise of LoomAHat.com  will help you accomplish your goal.

The Farrow stitch which is made by combining knits and purls is an easy stitch to do and is made easy to learn by following Denise step by step in this loom knitting tutorial. This loom knitting stitch is another version of the rib stitch. The Farrow stitch provides you with a beautiful textured stripe look on the front and an overall stretchy feel that looks and feel good whether you are loom knitting a hat, socks or a shawl.

This loom knitting video is not a step by step project video but rather a video to simply teach you the attractive Farrow stitch you can use in your next loom knitting project. If you do need some instruction on how to begin Denise helps you out with her video of how she starts her loom knitting stitches which you can see here: How Denise Starts Her Loom Knitting Stitches . If you need more help you can email Denise at denise@loomahat.com.

As far as the loom knitting tutorial itself goes it is easy to follow giving you the pattern on-screen as well as good well spoken verbal instructions. The video shots of the knitting being done is very good letting you see how to complete each row of the stitch.

By the way if you need a written version of the pattern you can go to Written Farrow Rib Stitch Pattern to get a written version.

Watch and Loom Knit a new stitch.

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