How To Loom Knit Toe-Up Slippers

Knitting toe-up slippers is a popular project for knitters. Now you can learn to loom knit toe-up slippers or socks using your knitting loom with this loom knitting video tutorial by Tuteate. Those of you who follow know that Tuteate is a favorite on this site because of the quality loom  knitting videos made by Tuteate that are so easy to follow along with and learn from. For those that are not familiar with the loom knitting tutorials of Tuteate what you will find are well documented lessons full of good close-ups of the work being done backed up with on-screen instructions and patterns presented with soothing background music that gives you a relaxed learning experience.

What you will learn from this loom knitting video teaching you how to loom knit the toe-up slippers is the following:

How to loom knit toe-up slippers or toe-up socks using a circular loom of 14 cm (5,5″) diameter and 24 pegs. Also in this tutorial you will learn:
– How to work the gathered cast on method
– How to work e-wrap stitches
– How to work purl stitches
– How to work in rounds and how to work in flat panel
– How to bind off

This is another fantastic Tuteate loom knitting video. Watch it and knit yourself or a friend a new pair of slippers or socks.

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