How To Loom Knit A Double Layered Dishcloth

Learn to loom knit a double layered dishcloth in this loom knitting video tutorial by Joni of EasyMeWorld. The timing is perfect for this loom knitting video for those who have not decided on a gift to give for Mothers Day. These dish cloths make great gifts not for just Mothers Day but for anytime if you want to give something that can be used year round. It also shows you put a little effort and thought into your gift.

There are plenty of loom knitting videos teaching you how to use your loom to make dishcloths but this one stands out because it teaches you how to knit a double layered dishcloth that will hold the soap and suds better and will dry quickly which will help to avoid that sour smell you get with some dishcloths.

In this loom knitting video she is using a 26 peg long loom and cotton yarn. You can use a round loom if you like using the round looms to do your knitting. The video itself is well put together with good visuals of the loom knitting being done backed up by good clear verbal instructions. Joni takes you from the cast on to the cast off and takes the time to be sure you get each step down before moving on.

Follow along with the video and get started loom knitting this easy project to make some great gifts for any occasion. This is also an easy project that you can use yourself all year round.

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