Easy To Follow Sock Loom Knitting Video

For those looking for an easy to follow loom knitting video teaching you how to use your loom to knit a pair of socks this video by Tuteate is just what you have been looking for. It is done in the usual Tuteate style which means it gives you everything you need from beginning to end. You get fantastic visuals combined with perfect on-screen instructions done at a pace you can follow along with and learn from with ease.

This is what Tuteate will teach you to do with your circular loom of 14 cm (5,5″) diameter and 24 pegs in this loom knitting video of how to loom knit socks:
– How to cast on stitches on the loom
– How to knit stitches and make the brim of the socks
– How to alternate colors
– How to make the heel and the toe of the socks
– How to join the toe to the body of the sock to finish.

If you are looking to loom knit yourself or someone a new pair of socks check out this loom knitting tutorial and fire up your loom to make your  new loom knitted socks .

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