Easily Loom Knit A No Curl Scarf

Beginner loom knitters and seasoned loom knitters will enjoy learning the easy way to loom knit a no curl scarf by watching this loom knitting video made by Denise Canela of LoomaHat.com. In the video Denise will teach you the Garter Stitch, Uwrap and the eWrap versions of the Knit Stitch. In addition to the loom knitting stitches you will learn how to use on your round loom, you will also learn to use the modified basic bind off in the process of completing your loom knitted scarf. She does recommend that you do take seven minuets to watch the entire video before beginning to loom knit your scarf.

For beginning loom knitters the LoomaHat.com loom knitting videos are the go to videos for learning new loom knitting stitches and finding easy to follow loom knitting patterns that will make loom knitting fun and rewarding.

You will find that like in this loom knitting video that teaches you how to easily knit a scarf all of the loom knitting tutorials done by Denise are of professional quality, easy to follow and full of detail. The videos will take you from the first step of getting the supplies and materials you will need for you loom knitting project together to the very last stitch you will need to do to complete your no-curl scarf project. In between the first and last step she teaches you you will find well shot visuals of each step backed up by my favorite, on-screen instructions that will allow you to pause the video and do the step you have just been shown and still have the instructions available without having to back the video up. To give you even more good help Denise provides you with fantastic verbal descriptions of the step she is showing you.

If after watching the video and you find you still have a question or two you will find that she is good about giving you help at both her YouTube channel and at her own site LoomaHat.com. Even if you don’t need the extra help visit her site to let her know how much you appreciate her loom knitting videos.


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