How To Loom Knit A Mop Pad

If you have a swifter mop or one like it then this is a loom knitting video you find as one that helps you complete a very useful loom knitting project. In this loom knitting video made by Gina Lay you will learn how to use your 24 peg loom, some 100% cotton yarn, and the easy e-wrap stitch to loom knit a mop cover.

The video is easy to follow and it is an easy loom knitting project that someone with at least a beginners loom knitting knowledge can complete in a short time frame. Gina Lay takes you from the cast-on to the bind off in a clearly spoken and patient manner that makes you feel as if you are learning to loom knit from your best friend. She also gives you good visuals of the loom knitting being done. The good visuals make it easy for a beginner loom knitter to understand how to loom knit the mop cover.

Take a look at this loom knitting video and if you find it useful head on over to Gina’s facebook page to let her know you appreciate her making this how to loom knit tutorial and sharing it with her fellow loom knitters.

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