Loom Knit Easy No Heel No Toe Socks

In this how to loom knit socks video by Denise of loomahat.com you will learn how easy it is to use your round loom to knit socks without a heel or a toe. If you have ever watched a loomahat.com video tutorial then you know that the video is full of learning opportunities. For example in this loom knitting video Denise will teach you in detail the following loom knitting stitches;  Uwrap knit, eWrap knit, purl and the rib stitch. In addition to the previously mentioned loom knitting skills taught you will also learn how to get a neat clean cuff on your socks by casting-off using the super stretchy bind-off.  All of these loom knitting stitches and skills are good for loom knitting beginners to learn and will be used any many future loom knitting projects.

You will find that this loom knitting video like all of the loomahat.com is of professional quality. It takes you from the beginning of the project including the supplies needed to begin loom knitting to the completion of your socks. It is all done in a patient teaching method that provides good clear and precise verbal instructions backed up with excellent visuals of each step the loom knitting being done. A well put together video like this takes time, good planning, and knowledge so if you appreciate the work that went into putting together this free loom knitting video let Denise know by stopping by LoomaHat.com to thank her. Here you will also find she is very helpful with any questions you might have.


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