Loom Knit A Summer Purse

Learn how to loom knit a T-Shirt Summer Purse in this video made by the Tuteate group. The weather is beginning to get warmer so you maybe looking for a loom knitting project that can be used year round. Well Tuteate has the perfect loom knitting project for you it is the T-Shirt summer purse.

For those familiar with Tuteate loom knitting videos you know that you will get a step by step loom knitting tutorial that will take you by the hand and show you in detail how to use your loom to complete your T-Shirt Summer Purse.

When we say you are taken from beginning to end we really mean from beginning to end. The tutorial begins by showing you all the supplies and tools you will need  and goes right into the cast-on. From there you are taken step by step using on-screen instructions and excellent video visuals of the loom knitting being done to the completion (bind off)of your loom knitted purse project.

The one thing the video does not have is verbal instructions something  that I feel reinforces what you are seeing on the screen. Although there are no verbal instructions I think the tutorial is so well done that I believe most loom knitters will not have any problem completing  the loom knitted purse.

By the way if the yarn looks different from what you are accustomed to seeing it is called t-shirt yarn. You can find this type of yarn at most of your craft stores. You can also find it on Amazon T-Shirt Yarn or Walmart.com.   For full disclosure purposes I need to say the link is an affiliate link that I will receive a small payment for if you use the link to make a purchase.

Now you know that just because the weather is getting warmer you don’t have to put your looms up. keep the loom knitting going and make yourself a purse you can use year round.

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