Loom Knit A Helix Striped Hat

The Helix stripe hat is a really easy to loom knit hat the gives you a great looking hat with a really cool looking design that stands out from other loom knitted hats.

In this loom knitting tutorial Lisa of Lisa’s Lids Of Love teaches you how to use the simple e-warp stitch to loom knit the Helix hat. Helix refers to single row stripes in knitting. To loom knit this hat she is using a 54 peg loom and #5 Chrisma bulky yarn and the e-wrap stitch. She is using a 54 peg loom because she is using 3 different colors of yarn and to do the helix pattern your number of pegs must be divisible by the number of colors you are planning to use.

You will notice the the hat she is showing you has a folded brim. She does not cover the brim in this video because it is jus a simple e-wraped brim which you can find many videos on how to do. If you need help on the brim check out some of Denise Canela’s of LoomAHat.com loom knitting videos.

The tutorial is very detailed so it does get a little longer than some other videos you will find here but the detail is good and is matched with detailed shots of the knitting being done. The instructions she gives you are spoken patiently so that it easy to follow and understand what is being done.

This is a pattern that a beginner with just a little bit of loom knitting under the belt can do. So get bold with your colors and e-wrap your way to a good looking hat.

Take some time to visit Lisa at one to these platforms to let her know you appreciate her taking the time to make and share this loom knitting video with the loom knitting community.

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