A Glove For Loom Knitters

Denise Canela of Loomahat.com offers loom knitters a solution to sore hands caused by long stints of loom knitting. We all have come across that loom knitting project that we just can’t put down until we get it finished and pay for it with a sore hand. In this loom knitting video Denise  teaches you how to use your loom and the Broken Rib Stitch to knit a glove to protect the parts of your hand that are worked the most when using your loom knitting tool during the times when you find that knitting project you can’t stop knitting until you complete it. 

The glove pattern should work for the majority of loom knitters but because we all have our own ways of knitting and ways we hold the tool it may need a little tweaking to customize just for you. The best part is Denise has given us a great starting point.

Just like all her loom knitting tutorials in this tutorial Denise takes you from beginning to end with easy to understand instructions and close-ups visuals of the knitting being done each step of the way. Her patient tone and speaking manner makes you feel like you are getting personalized instructions from a good friend.

Take trip over to her website at www.loomahat.com/knitters-glove to get a complete list of the supplies she uses and more detailed instructions. While you are there take a minute to thank her for taking the time to make and share this video with the loom knitting community.


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