Loom Knit A Crisscross Summer Cotton Top

Loom Knit A Crisscross Summer Cotton Top

Learn to loom knit a Crisscross Summer Cotton Top in this loom knitting tutorial made by Divya Dayan.
Summer is fast approaching and for those that love to love loom knit this loom knit pattern for a summer top is just what you need to keep your loom from going idle in the spring and summer months.

This loom knitting video is short in length compared to some loom knitting tutorials but is packed with every detail you will need to knit your summer top. Divya begins the tutorial by showing you the supplies you will need and the stitch she used (the garter and figure 8 stitch) and then takes you step by step showing you how to get the mearurements for each panel you will knit to form the completed loom knitted summer top.
Although the quality of the video knitting instructions are very good the quality of the visuals could use a little more attention. Although the visuals may be laccking I am sure you will not have a problem following the steps in the video to complete your top because of the detail that Divya put into making this loom knitting tutorial. I do recommend watching the entire video before you begin loom knitting.

Watch the video and get started loom knitting your crisscross summer top.

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