Loom Knit The Super Easy Open Honeycomb Lace Stitch

The Open Honeycomb Lace Stitch is a super easy to loom knit stitch that you can learn to knit by following along with the latest video tutorial Denise Canela of  LoomaHat.com is sharing with the loom knitting community.

It is a really simple stitch pattern that can be used year round but is the perfect stitch for a summer project. The pattern is a very airy pattern made up of 2 stitches and 4 rows that makes it perfect for summer projects.

In this video Denise will teach you to knit the eWrap knit stitch, the Uwrap knit stitch, Knit 2 together (k2tog), Yarn Over YO. She will show each of these in a patient and assuring manner explaining each step in easy to understand and detail verbal instructions backed up with clear close-ups of the knitting being done in each step of the pattern.

This is not a project tutorial so you don’t get the cast-on to finished project video that Denise has become famous for in loom knitting circles. This is a loom knitting video teaching you a stitch you can use in your project. If you need help with the cast-on you can watch her video on how to start a project either here or at her LoomaHat.com website.

You can show Denise how much you appreciate the work she puts into producing such high quality videos by visiting her Loomahat.com website and saying thanks. To show even greater support you should consider joining her on Patreon. By doing so you will find opportunities to get more patterns and downloadable videos.

Watch this loom knit video and use this great looking stitch in your next project.

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