Loom Knit A Swimsuit Cover

Learn to loom knit a swimsuit cover-up by following along with this video made by Denise Canela of LoomaHat.com. 

With summer\’s arrival Denise\’s swimsuit cover is right on time for those with the beach as a summer destination. This summer loom knitting project is the perfect accessory to go along with the new swimsuit.

For those that follow Denise you know what to expect from a LoomAhat.com video tutorial. For those new to LoomAhat videos I\’ll describe what you will get from her loom knitting tutorials.

In this video as in all her videos you will get a cast on to complete project tutorial supported by on on-screen instructions backed up with fantastic close-ups of the knitting being done.\"Loom In addition to all of this you are going to get patiently spoken verbal instructions explaining the stitch being used in each step. She provides a complete list of supplies at the loomahat.com website.

A few particulars are she uses the u-wrap version of the knit stitch, a full knit stitch, and the mock mesh stitch on a round long rectangular loom ending with a super stretchy bind-off. to complete the panels. Don\’t worry if you are not familiar with these stitches because her teaching style and detailed instructions will have you knitting them like a pro.

To complete the swimsuit cover up Denise  teaches you how to loom knit an I-cord to use as what I would call a drawstring to pull your cover together.

Watch the video and follow along and you will find yourself with a useful loom knitted summer project. 

Take some time to visit the loomahat.com website to give Denise a thank you for this fantastic video tutorial

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